Senate Committee on Health


Bills relating to public health, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, public and private health insurance and managed care, food safety, health facility licensing, prescription drugs, emergency medical services, and related institutions.

The Senate Committee on Health meets every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at 1021 O Street, Room 1200 (unless otherwise noted in the Daily File).

Phone: 916-651-4111


As of February 28, 2023, the Governor terminated the state's COVID-19 State of Emergency. Procedures put in place to accommodate the pandemic restrictions have been reverted back to pre-pandemic practices. Teleconference testimony during committee hearings will no longer be available.

The Senate continues to welcome the public and provides access to both in-person and written participation for public comment. If you are unable to attend a hearing in person, written comments or testimony can be provided directly to the committees by emailing the committee or utilizing the Advocacy Portal.

How to Submit Support/Opposition Letters:


Letters of support or opposition should be submitted to the Advocacy Portal by 3:00 p.m. seven calendar days prior to a scheduled hearing. Letters received after that deadline may not be reflected in the Committee analysis..

  • Letters from organizations must be on letterhead with signature and title of an official of the organization or designated representative.
  • Coalition letters must have logos, signatures, and titles for all organizations.
  • Letters of conditional support from organizations will not be listed on the analysis.
  • Letters from organizations must clearly indicate position (letters containing "concern" may not be listed).
  • Submit letters only once unless bill is subsequently amended causing uncertainty as to the organization's present position.


After completing a one-time registration to obtain a username and password, log in to submit your position letter as a registered lobbyist, organization or individual seeking to communicate your views to the bill author’s staff as well as the committee that will be hearing the bill.

  • Select measure type, measure number and Session Type.
  • Click on the “Search” button.
  • Select the appropriate Committee.
  • Select Your Stance.
  • Input note message in the note box.
  • Complete the Captcha and select the “Submit” button.
  • Email:
For information on how to submit a position letter please see the Advocacy Quick Reference Guide