Informational Hearings 2001-2002

Issues Related to Low-Level Radioactive Waste

June 6, 2002 Hearing

The Impact of California's Stem Cell Policy on the Biomedical Industry

May 10, 2002 Hearing

Child Care Safety 

May 8, 2002 Hearing

The Impact of Federal Policy on Realizing the Potential of Stem Cell Research

March 8, 2002 Hearing

Nursing Home Closures, Bankruptcies and Liability Insurance: Is There a Crisis?

March 6, 2002 Hearing

Breast Cancer and the Environment

February 20, 2002 

Children's Mental Health Care

February 13, 2002 Hearing

Childhood Immunization Mandates: Politics vs. Public Health

January 23, 2002 

A Cost Effective Agenda for Health Access for Children and Families

January 16, 2002

Bioterrorism and Public Health: Assessing California's Preparedness

November 2, 2001 

Structural Barriers to Accessing Dental Services

March 14, 2001 Hearing

Public Health Effects of Toxic Mold

March 7, 2001 Hearing

Childhood Obesity and the Role of California's Schools

January 31, 2001 Hearing

Proposed Healthy Families Program Expansion to Provide Parental Coverage

January 20, 2001 Hearing

Health Effects of Chromium VI Contamination of Drinking Water

October 24, 2000 Hearing

Committee Address